About Intuitive IT Solutions


By embracing technology we will have surpassed the needs of thousands of our customers throughout Africa, in doing so enabling them to take their businesses to new frontiers. By creating a climate without boundaries and limitless possibilities and by encouraging initiative and lateral thinking we will have taken ordinary people and created extra ordinary results.

Mission Statement

Provide lateral solutions to business through technology.


We provide business solutions through services and technology to mainly manufacturing and distribution companies. We do this by designing and implementing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and provide ancillary requirements and training.

Company Overview

The company was established in 1994 and renamed Intuitive IT Solutions in 2014. The owner has had extensive experience in industry before moving into SYSPRO support as well as supplying hardware and infrastructure based on each unique sites requirements. Within the organisation we have specialists in the Financial, Distribution and Manufacturing arenas. Together we have amassed over 40 years of support and implementation experience.

Career Opportunities

If you are committed to giving Service Excellence to our growing customer base and know SYSPRO extensively, then please feel free to send your CV to ingrid@iitsolutions.co.za.

Let's Work Together!

Products and Services

Our core business consists of the following:


What is ERP and what are the benefits for your company??
What is ERP?

For more information on SYSPRO please go to the following link: